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Suitable For Industries Including;

Plug-In Hybrids – CT Reel Ebatt – Mining Heavy Machinery


Welcome to Kite Thermodynamics.


They say “good things come in small packages”.
Well, we are a small team and we do have a small office.


Our company is very young but our team has extensive experience.

Our award winning engineers are trained to the highest standards. Due to our versatile background in Mining, Automotive, Rail and Marine industries worldwide, we are able to adapt and apply our product for multiple systems.

It is because of our past roles, that we have developed and gained a vision and expertise.


We now want to tailor make and deliver this to you. 


It is with enormous pride that we fully stand by our claims and we will prove this to you.

Our engineering team not only has over 25 years of experience, but also a fabulous artistic flair and vision.


After insistent calculations backed up by exact science, we will deliver to you;

– Initial drawings – CAD – 1st and 2nd Prototype.

– We assemble these ourselves in our laboratory in the heart of Goteborg.

– After Prototype test run – Manufacturing/ Serial Production.

Coolers with electric fans

400V / 220V / 24V


Highly efficient motors with choice of fans. We can tailor make a solution for the application.


The RS series are designed for Power Generation. It is based on a modular system that gives advantages for transporting in CKD (complete knock down) kits and installed and commisioned on site. Cooling capacity up to 1000 kW with extremely low fan power 6-10 kW. The solution gives very competitive Total Cost of Ownership.

The EVRS series are low temperature coolers suitable for Battery electric vehicles / Plug in Hybrids. Complete with cooler and electric fan that can be tailor made.


Auxillary Coolers are designed for cooling and heating Rechargable energy storage systems. The AC compressor is from leading manufacturer Rencool. Adapted for 24V and 48V system. The base design can easily be modified to suit different applications like Direct cooling / Chiller / HVAC.


Our various projects with many prestigious companies involve extensive design, testing and simulation to get equipment to work at its peak performance. We continue tirelessly to deliver this to our clients. We also have first class partners in Sweden as well as abroad, who are available to help further with fine tuning and optimising our designs. All so that our client gets what they ask for and more.

We fully support our beautiful planet!

Currently we are working on a project for Green Technology Power Generation in South Africa.


We have designed and set up manufacturing for a new innovative design of a 1000 kW radiator with extremely low fan power that outperforms competition.

We have designed and manufactured a RESS ( Rechargeable Energy Storage System) active cooler ( for a market leading and very prestigious company) 

One of our new and current projects involves a new range of radiators for Stone Crushers.


Here we focus on durability.

Fill/Drain pump


Self priming version that is available both with 1 phase 220VAC and also 24VDC. 


This pump has the capacity to effectively drain most systems. For example Bus, truck and Marine engines coolant systems which can be complex to drain with as much as 50% of the coolant remains in the coolant system when normal gravity draining is used. The pump will show exactly how much coolant was drained and filled via a convenient display.